is a locally owned family business

Even though our team is from all over the world, we will each help you in every way possible and pass on the best local sledding knowledge available to us.

carter sledding.JPG

Carter - Delivery & Customer Service

Nationality: Australian - Hopefully will apply for PR in Canada.

Carter is an electrician by trade but likes to mix it up and takes on any jobs presented to him.

He is crazy about surfing and even though he misses the ocean very much he is currently happy snowboarding and living in Revelstoke. He is a newcomer to snowmobiling and already loves it!

Just like many Australians he is easy going but unlike most of the Aussies you will be able to to understand what he says.

A good sense of humour and a cheeky smile is included in the sled delivery and service provided by Carter.


Emily Childs - Delivery & Customer Service

Nationality: Canadian

Emily is the latest edition to our team and she is truly a wild one! This is her second year of sledding and she is killing it already.

She loves skiing and is incredibly talented. The main reason she got into sledding is to take advantage of the skiing in the backcountry terrain.

Don’t be fooled by her size.. she will make delivery of our sleds look like it’s a piece of cake!