What is your typical season?

December - April

What are your opening times:

8:30am - 5pm - 7 days a week

Are there any age restrictions?

We are legally only allowed to rent to persons 16+. If under 19, a legal guardian (19+) needs to be a representative. All renters MUST have a valid drivers license.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is a written email, text message or via phone call prior to the rental date or prior to the first multi-day booking:

  • 5 days prior for a full refund
  • 72 hours prior for a 90% refund of the total
  • 48 hours prior for a 50% refund of the total
  • Less than 48 hours: NO refund

NO REFUNDS for early returns or shortened period of rental due to accidents or weather conditions.

Rental machines/gear returned after 5:00pm will be subject to a late fee of $50/hour or part therof unless otherwise agreed upon with sledrent management.

Where do we meet?

Together we will arrange to meet you at one of our two drop off locations. Boulder or Frisby Ridge parking lots. We may also need you to visit us at our office before drop off. If this is the case we will notify you. Office address - 64 Westside Road, Revelstoke, B.C. V0E 3K0

What time do we meet?

Meet us at 8:30am at the pre determined location mentioned in the question above. Let us know if you wish an earlier start to the day and we can get that organised.

Is Gas and Oil included in the rental price?

Here at Sledrent we want you to enjoy your day and ride to your fullest. Therefore we charge a flat day rate of $20 for Gas and Oil. So there’s no hanging around while we figure out how much gas you used and adding on more costs at the end of your day. $20, that’s it. So go shred!

Is delivery included in the rental price?

Yes, we have 2 drop off locations. (Boulder Mountain and Frisby Ridge). Drop off and pick up is provided with every rental.

Do you deliver sleds to other locations?

Yes, upon special request we do deliver to Glacier House Lodge and Peaks Lodge if you are staying there. Please contact us about this.

Is the trail pass included in the rental price?

No, you will need to pay for your trail pass ($25 if you are not club member) at the booths located near the drop off point for both Boulder Mountain and Frisby Ridge. They have debit/credit available. If you are a member of any Club in BC that supports the BC Snowmobile Federation the RSC will offer you a $5 discount off you daily trail pass. You must show proof of your membership.

Do we rent other equipment and/or gear?

Absolutely. We are at the forefront of providing all our customers with the best safety equipment. Please see our gear rentals page.

Are our sleds GPS tracked?

Every sled we rent out has a GPS tracker installed. Therefore when you are on the mountain we know where you are at all times. This is extremely important for 2 reasons. Mainly it means we can tell if you are potentially stuck or lost. If this is the case, we will come and help. We can also track you for the end of the day and time our pick up perfectly for your return. Another great peace of mind for every rental.

Do you offer additional insurance?

Yes. The Insurance is $40 per day per sled. If you take the insurance, the deposit is only $1500, meaning the most you pay for any damages is $1500. Without the insurance the deposit is $2500 and you are liable for damages up to the total value of the sled. Our insurance is optional but we HIGHLY recommend it.

How long is your full-day rental?

A full day of rental includes 8 hours. Typically, from 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Do you offer half-day rentals?

Yes, we do offer half day-rentals ONLY from Monday-Thursday. The rate starts at $250 per sled. A half-day rental is 4 hours. Meet us anytime between 8:30am - 12:30pm.

Do you rent Snow Bikes?

Sorry, we don't.

Do you offer guided tours?

No, we only rent sleds. However, we can connect you with a local guide.

Do you offer mechanical services and/or parts?

Infinite Powersports is offering repairs, full service, parts and accessories. Same location and it’s the best business in town! Give them a call: +1 250 837 2027